Wolf Kirsten has written important and cutting edge articles and book chapters on health promotion that have been published worldwide and are currently used as reference sources by both professionals and college students.


Global Perspectives in Workplace Health Promotion by Wolf Kirsten and Robert Karch, 1st Edition, 2011. The emphasis of the book is on the global challenges of workplace health promotion with a focus on 21 key country profiles.

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“Making the Link between Health and Productivity at the Workplace – A Global Perspective” in INDUSTRIAL HEALTH Vol.48 No.3, May 2010

“Employee Wellness at Risk in Corporate Hong Kong” with Audrey H.H. Tsui (Hong Kong Baptist University) in GLOBAL VIEW First Quarter 2009.

“Health and productivity management in Europe” in the INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF WORKPLACE HEALTH MANAGEMENT 2008, 1 (2): 136-144.

“How to make the business case for health promotion at the workplace” the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION Global Occupational Health Network (GOHNET) newsletter No. 14 Winter 2007/2008.

“Employee Disease Management in US and Global Workplaces – Integrating Strategies and Expanding their Scope” in the JOURNAL OF DISEASE MANAGEMENT & HEALTH OUTCOMES 2008; 16 (2): 87-94.

“The Impact of Culture on Health Behaviors” in “Wellness Management”, the member e-newsletter of the National Wellness Institute, 2007, Vol. 21, No. 4.

Regular columns in the Brazilian magazines “SAÚDE CORPORATIVA” and “PROFISSIONAL & NEGÓCIOS”.

“Internationale Perspektiven des Betrieblichen Gesundheitsmanagements” in BEWEGUNGSTHERAPIE UND GESUNDHEITSSPORT and (official journal of the Deutscher Verband für Gesundheitssport und Sporttherapie), 2006; 22:1-5.

Guest Editor of The Global Wellness Challenge, WELCOA’S Absolute Advantage Magazine, 2005, (4). Click to access Absolute Advantage.

“Health and Productivity Management – a Future Model for Europe?” in the electronic newsletter of the EUROPEAN NETWORK FOR WORKPLACE HEALTH PROMOTION (ENWHP), January 2004.

“Metric Measures – A European Perspective on Health Promotion’s Cost Effectiveness” featured in the Welcoa journal ABSOLUTE ADVANTAGE, August 2002.
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SPORTS SCIENCE, the professional journal of the China Sports Science Society, On the Improvement of Health, Vol 18, No. 4, July 1998.


“Physical Activity at the Workplace – An International Perspective” – opening chapter of “Guia Brasileiro de Práticas Corporais e Qualidadede Vida no Trabalho”, São Paulo, Brazil, 2006. For more information please contact Wolf.

Global Perspectives in Workplace Health Promotion, Chapter 20 of Health Promotion in the Workplace, 3rd Edition, 2001. Edited by Michael O Donnel. Albany: Delmar Publishers. This chapter written by Mr. Kirsten provides snapshots of the status of health promotion in various countries across the globe. It also introduces six different innovative health promotion programs adopted by multinational companies.

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An interview with Wolf Kirsten on the global opportunities of health promotion and the future of the International Institute for Health Promotion (IIHP) in DVGS Aktuell (website of the German Association for Health-Related Fitness and Sporttherapy). 

“Health Management Moves to the Top of the Corporate Agenda”, featured in the October issue of WORKFORCE INSIGHTS, an HR online newsletter ( 

“Nur gesunde Mitarbeiter fühlen sich in ihrem Job wohl”, featured in the Newsletter of the VEREIN DEUTSCHER INGENIEURE (VDI), 18.6.2004. This article describes the status of workplace health promotion in Europe and includes an interview with Wolf Kirsten (in German).

Wolf Kirsten was interviewed by “Gulf News” on the future of workplace health promotion in the Middle East while speaking at the GCC Occupational Health Conference in Dubai. 


For four years Mr. Kirsten was the Managing Editor of Health Promotion: Global Perspectives, a global newsletter of the American Journal of Health Promotion. New Global Health Policy-Health for All in the 21st Century, Vol 1, No. 4, September 1998. The IIHP as a Global Network, Vol 1, No. 6, January 1999. Health Promotion in Taiwan: Leadership from Government and Academia, Vol. 3, No. 1, March 2000. Curitiba Statement, Vol. 3, No. 2, May 2000. Regular column about the International Institute for Health Promotion from March 1998 to 2001.

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