what we do

  • Strategic consulting for corporations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and governments regarding the development of their global health and wellness programs
  • Finding suitable and quality in-country service providers, vendors and instruments (e.g., on-site biometric screening, health risk assessment, and wellness coaching)
  • Assistance with building a business case for health promotion in different health care systems
  • Culturally sensitive project management including appropriate communication methods and technologies
  • Facilitation of in-country training and cultural preparation
  • Information service through news bulletins, articles, booklets, and position papers (e.g., health-specific information from various countries, country profiles)
  • Organization of international conferences, seminars and workshops (program development, speakers, partners, etc.). See “Sample Services” page for a list of events.
  • Evaluation of existing health promotion programs and quality assurance
  • Assistance in finding “best practices” and benchmarking on a global basis
  • Guidance in the development and use of international health assessment systems

project examples


Mr. Kirsten provides strategic health promotion advice for a multi-national law firm and their offices in Europe with a particular focus on Brussels and Moscow. He developed a strategic plan for wellness and assisted in identifying and recommending local service providers that can support the firm’s employees.


International Health Consulting has been contracted by a major IT corporation to assist with the development of health and wellness services for their employees in India. The company aims to counter the increasing chronic disease prevalence with tailored programs.


Mr. Kirsten advised the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Bahrain on the implementation of a national health promotion strategy as part of the overall national goal to reduce the incidence of non-communicable diseases. He crafted the original national strategy, has been training key personnel in the Kingdom and assisting with the implementation of specific parts of the strategy.


International Health Consulting is currently assessing the global health promotion program of a major multinational employer in terms of how their offered services match with the country-specific industry standard and best practice.

Mr. Kirsten has developed international health and wellness guidelines / standards for a large pharmaceutical company based in the US. The global standards reflect the principles and priorities of the company, and are designed to be sustainable through time and applicable to all countries.

International Health Consulting assisted with the formulation and implementation of a global tobacco-free policy for a multi-national corporation.

Mr. Kirsten researched, recommended and adapted a comprehensive stress assessment tool for a European-based telecommunications company.


A large, multinational oil company based in Latin America called on Mr. Kirsten to execute a comparative assessment of what other multinational oil companies were doing to promote health within their organizations. Mr. Kirsten published a detailed report offering key recommendations and strategies for an effective and cost efficient health promotion program.

The US-based Wye River Group on Healthcare has asked Mr. Kirsten to provide expertise on international examples of successful models for changing the social and cultural behaviors that affect health.


Regularly distributes a global update on the latest trends and research in health promotion for human resource managers and health professionals.

  • Provided regular reports on the evolution of health promotion at the workplace in India.
  • Reviewed the impact of obesity at the workplace on absenteeism, productivity and accidents in Europe (research, programs, best practices).
  • Developed a comprehensive menu of health-related resources (e.g., physical activity, nutrition, stress, smoking, heart health, cancer, weight management, etc.) targeted to both professionals and employees of a large multi-national corporation.
  • Produced a report on the current status of health promotion initiatives within the leading technology companies in Israel for a large, multinational company.
  • Researched and reported on smoking cessation and worksite wellness programs and providers in Japan.

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