The 2018 Global Healthy Workplace Award Winners are…

This year’s best employers for having an exceptional and globally recognised healthy workplace programme were announced at the 6th Global Healthy Workplace Summit in partnership with ATS Bergamo, which took place at the Ex-Monastero di Sant’Agostino, University of Bergamo, Italy, 6-7 September 2018.

The winners were:

Small and Medium-sized category: AB May, USA
Large Enterprise category: Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz, Brazil
Multinational category: Lendlease, Australia

The runners up in the prestigious global Awards programme were: VitaS (Belgium), National Environment Agency (Singapore), Flight Centre Travel Group (Australia).

The winning programmes illustrate and highlight the importance of integrated approaches to workplace health which includes occupational health, psychosocial risk management, wellness and the role of enterprises in communities can lead to enhanced productivity, reduced absenteeism and improved employee morale and motivation, as well as return on investment.

The gathering of business leaders and investors from over 20 countries at the world heritage site of Bergamo further illustrates the growing importance given to the necessity health and wellness has on business productivity. The Summit also saw the Healthy Investments Statement update as well as the awarding of our newly certified companies on stage: Sanofi US, Pan American Energy, Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz, Rulmeca, Evoca and Alfa Laval.

“Bergamo helped make this an exceptional summit. There has been growing expansion both of awareness and sophistication in workplace health across all sectors and in most parts of the world. It was an honour to have such esteemed guests at our 6th Summit including, WHO, World Bank, OECD and many other great contributors,” said Tommy Hutchinson, Co-founder of the Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces.

Previous annual Awards & Summits took place in London, Shanghai, Florianopolis, Washington D.C. and Singapore. For more information on the Bergamo Summit, click here.

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