2013 Global Awards Winners

And the winner is…

Toyal America (USA)

Alexandra Health (Singapore)

Royal Dutch Shell (Netherlands)

Runners Up

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our runners up for their applications and wish them the best of luck for next year’s Global Healthy Workplace Awards and Summit 2014:


2nd place: Technica International

Others: Fitness & Health International Pte Ltd, Victory Consulting, PureWellness-1, Brand Fuel.


2nd place: American Express

Others: Hao2,edu Ltd, Johnson & Johnson Australia & NZ, Georgia State University, Telefonica pro Brazil S/A


2nd place: Johnson & Johnson

Others: Monash University, Procter & Gamble China, Novo Nordisk, SAP, AU Optronics

These companies’ programs lead as examples of how the workplace can play an important role in improving health and wellness in regions around the world. The search for the healthiest workplaces in the world was sponsored by the Cigna Foundation and hosted by the Global Knowledge Exchange Network (GKEN) together with International Health Consulting and i-genius, whose common goal is to promote awareness of emerging better practices in health promotion and wellness in the workplace.

Companies of all sizes from 28 countries submitted workplace programs for award consideration. The submissions were reviewed by an international panel of public health experts from five continents who judged the workplace programs – for the first time – through the lens of the World Health Organization (WHO) Healthy Workplace Model for Action, which includes the physical work environment, psychosocial work environment, personal heath resources and enterprise-community involvement. Six finalists who exemplified leadership in these areas were chosen to present their programs in London, where they were evaluated a final time before the three winners were chosen.

Congratulating the winners and commenting on the awards, Maggie FitzPatrick, Cigna’s chief communication officer and president of the Cigna Foundation, said, “At a time when chronic disease is rising globally, the private sector is playing a critically important role advocating for health and wellness. The healthiest workplaces in the world are increasing wellness and productivity and reducing costs. Their workplace programs are improving health and wellness one employee at a time.”

The Summit attracted more than 100 employers of all sizes, health system leaders, universities, policy leaders, NGOs, and world-renowned award judges and speakers amid a two-day Summit agenda packed with information on emerging and better practices for promoting workplace health – from addressing the aging employee population to protecting workers’ mental health and fighting chronic disease the world over.

Next, GKEN, i-genius and International Health Consulting with the Cigna Foundation will launch a global communication campaign, helping employers worldwide learn how to replicate these winning workplace practices and improve the health and wellness of their workforce.

For more information, go to www.globalhealthyworkplace.com.