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By providing flexible and strategic solutions Wolf Kirsten International Health Consulting will help meet the major challenges international companies face with the adoption of global delivery strategies and policies.

Good health is good business

Health and well-being have become  important business factors for multi-national corporations. Innovative human capital management strategies feature integrated health promotion and wellbeing programs in order to keep a diverse and aging workforce healthy and productive.

Meeting the Global Challenge

Wolf Kirsten is extremely well-connected internationally and with 20+ years of experience working and living in Germany, the United States, England, China and Brazil, he can help you meet the global challenges.


The Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces supports the advancement of workplace health and well-being.

Formed in 2014 out of a successful partnership between i-genius and International Health Consulting, the Global Centre runs the Global Healthy Workplace Awards and Certification – with Summits in London (2013), Shanghai (2014), Florianopolis, Brazil (2015), Washington, DC (2016), Singapore (2017), Bergamo, Italy (2018), Melbourne in 2019 and the first virtual Summit in 2020.

International Association for Worksite Health Promotion

To advance the global community of worksite health promotion practitioners through high-quality information, services, educational activities, personal and professional development and networking opportunities.


Just over a month to go until our 9th Global Healthy Workplace Awards applications deadline (Monday 14th June 2021). Visit our website for Awards guidance, Winners & Finalists profiles,
Awards background and FAQs #GHWAwards #WorkplaceHealth #GoodHealth

I look forward to tomorrow's webinar at 5pm Central on Global Mental Wellbeing hosted by @HSPM in #mexico. Go to #wellbeing #mentalhealth #wellness #mentalwellbeing #healthyworkplace

Enhancing Physical and Psychosocial Wellbeing in the New Working World webinar video recording with GCHW, GSK & HSBC.

#Psychosocial #Wellbeing #MentalHealth #WellnessAtWork #WorkLifeBalance #GSK #HSBC #GCHW #WorkplaceHealth #GoodHealthGoodBusiness

Join our Certification partner HSPM's webinar (Mexico), May 6 at 5pm local time on 'Advancing workplace mental health and wellbeing - a global perspective on effective strategies'

Registered here:

#WorkplaceHealth #WorkEnvironment #wellbeing

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Global Perspectives in Workplace Health Promotion” highlights how 21 key countries are addressing the chronic disease challenge by focusing on the following areas regarding workplace health promotion.

Global Selection of Good Practices published by the Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces

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